Pharmaceutical & Beverage Industry as per customers requirement. The equipment dimensions and design are precise & designed to suit process requirement. A.T.P.L. is equally committed to service and sales, ensuring customer’s complete satisfaction.

Mission Statement:

Manufacture premium quality Process Equipment at a competitive price and by maintaining delivery schedules, thus ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.
We are renowned Consulting Engineers, specializing in the field of designing, manufacturing and installation of Plant & Machinery for Dairy, Food, Chemicals, Brewaries, Pharmaceuticals, Frozen Vegetables, Fruit Processing & Preservation and allied Process Industries.


Our team of highly experienced installation supervisors will provide construction support services for site-built plants, and for the off-loading, erection. and installation of skid-mounted plants. They liaise closely with your construction manager, safety officer, and mechanical contractor to ensure a safe and trouble-free installation.

Commissioning and start-up

Following completion of all the mechanical and electrical tie-ins to the plant, our process and automation engineers are mobilized to undertake the plant commissioning. This team is usually headed by the process engineer responsible for the plant design.
Plant commissioning follows a structured plan and ends with the start-up of the process unit followed by the site acceptance test (SAT). During these activities, we can also train your operators if you wish.

We handle Projects (all capacities and types), including Milk Processing Plants, Fruit Pulping Plant, Precold Storage Plant, Frozen Food Plant, Evaporators (Falling Film, Rising Film, Batch), Spray Dyers, Pneumatic Conveying Systems for Powder Plants, Malted Milk Food Plants, Casein Plants, Lactose Plants, Whey Powder Plants, Continuous Khoa Plants, Paneer Making Plants, Ghee Making Plants, Cheese Making Plants, Refrigeration Plants, Malto Dextrine Plant, Dextrose & Sorbital Plant, Soya & Toffu Plants, Fruit & Vetegable Powder Plants, Chemical Plant Equipments.

We excel in delivering customized and effective solutions with flexibility, risk mitigation and process excellence in client’s chosen areas. We deliver consistent, accurate end to end processing Quality Services that enable clients to reduce their existing costs with increased quality standards. We focus on addressing our client’s challenges to retain and expand their customer base by delivering superior customer satisfaction and higher profitability.

Effluent treatment plant erection
Feasibility study and DPR
Procurement or Procurement management
Engineering consulting services
Project management